Today, come and visit the Inria AIO team

Photo montage Inria

The Inria AIO lab

What a wonderful place to work at!


The AIO team is hosted in the Inria Paris research center, which is located smack in the middle of beautiful Paris.


The team works at the boundary between electronics, computer science and robotics. And because the team is super hands-on, the different offices in the lab are filled with a chaotic (but super organized!) collection of electronic components, robot parts, screens and machines.


With a pick-and-place, a reflow oven and a stencil printer, the team is able to create a prototype PCB directly inhouse. And using its laser cutter and 3D printer, the team builds up the mechanical components of the low-power wireless widgets and robots.


The latest creation of the team is the DotBot, a fun little car the size of the deck of cards which can move around, localize itself, and communicate with others. The goal, as part of the OpenSwarm project, is to build 1,000 DotBots! The largest robotic swarm testbed in the world?


For more information, check out the website of the team: