Showing off the OpenSwarm project and the DotBot platform at the Inria booth at SIDO & OpenSource Experience

 6 & 7 December, Paris

OpenSource Experience is the biggest European event of the open-source community. SIDO is a major European tradeshow on IoT, AI, Digital Infra & Cybersecurity Solutions and Technologies.


OpenSwarm and the DotBots are presented as part of the program run by Inria Academy at the event.


DotBots are open-source micro-robots designed by Inria AIO team. They are easy to use and designed for education and  research with the aim of making robotics accessible to everyone. Their development is largely funded by OpenSwarm. DotBots will play a crucial role in the OpenSwarm project testig phase. A thousand connected units will be built to form an experimental platform to validate the OpenSwarm code base on five real-world use cases: renewable energy community, supporting human workers in harvesting wild food, ocean noise pollution montioring, industrial health and safety in industrial production sites, mobility: moving networks in trains.