Interview with Michael Villnow


New episod of the series of short interviews, which aim to introduce to you the scientific lead of each OpenSwarm consortium member.

Find out more about who they are, what is their role in the project and what is their vision for the use of the technology developed in the OpenSwarm project.

More videos to come. Stay tuned!

“At Siemens, we put a strong focus on the interoperability of devices in the field. Therefore we will bring the lightweight open-source framework for collaborative IoT devices, called Coaty, to the field, which enables us to establish a decentralized and non hierarchical collaboration between autonomous IoT devices.

In addition, Siemens is coordinating the activities of five different use cases from different sectors. Siemens itself is in charge of two of these use cases, namely The impact of a swarm of devices on the environment health and safety aspects in industrial manufacturing and The use of dynamic and moving sensor networks in the transportation sector.”